• Fixovision LED displays are great messaging.

  • The single / Double line displays are a great source of information
          for the patients visiting the hospital.

  • Your messages can be sent through P.C directly to the board.

  • Our simple front-end program enables the user to Create or Edit
          the  message any time.

  • Inform your patients about new health care schemes, discounts
       for  regular users of master health checks, Health tips, Health food    suggestions etc..

  • Display sizes from 24” to 72” wide. Height of display - 2.3 inches
         – single line and 5.5 inches two line.
  • English, Hindi, Tamil display. (Trilingual) for 2 line display only. 
  • Message can be split into two lines for 2 line displays
  • Alphabets can be displayed in fat, thick, thin style
  • 5mm LED: Red round diffused with uniform glow
  • Clock Display with or without seconds
  • Programmable Graphics
  • 9 speeds
  • Different - 32 eye-catching effects
  • Data store in memory, in case of power failure.
  • Working on 230 volt A.C, 50 Hz
  • Aluminium black powder coated frame
  • Variable width of alphabets    



    The Visual-Pager discreetly pages patients by displaying their patient identification number (or any assigned number) in the waiting room.

    The patient then reports to the appropriate room. This ensures patient confidentiality by eliminating the need to call a patient’s name in the waiting area.

    The staffs appreciate the time they save from walking back and forth to the waiting area.The pagers are available in 2,3,4,5 digit models.


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