With extensive experience covering literally hundreds of production monitoring applications, we provide fast economical solutions ranging from simple production counting to complete lean manufacturing and visual factory initiatives.

For many years, FIXOVISION has been helping companies improve production and efficiency with our family of LED Displays. High visibility LED signs indicate the target and actual, resulting in an on-going indication of their efficiency.

In addition, the display can contrast output with that of a previous shift, thereby providing an excellent incentive between production teams. They help develop team spirit and motivation, improve productivity and accurately measure real-time production status.

Target rates are selected via a dedicated control box, actual is collected via a pair of normal open voltage free contacts or can be linked into existing production line counters.


      1. Improves Productivity
      2. Maintains Throughput
      3. Reduces Downtime
      4. Induces Team spirit and Motivation
      5. Accurately measures production status
      6. High Visibility
      7. Increases Profitability
      8. Highlights Shortages When installed in a           production environment.
      9. The FIXOSIGN L.E.D Displays provide valuable           information in two distinct areas:

    Line Management - which provides vital information
                     on process performance & faults.

    Line Achievement - which gives performance
           related information in numeric form.

FIXOSIGN large digital TAKT time efficiency displays enable you to set the pace using your TAKT time and monitor your production with an immediate understanding of whether you're ahead, behind, or right on schedule. Here's how this is accomplished.

An internal counter increments by the scale factor, typically one, every takt time interval, resulting in a pace or target count. The pace count is the expected product count at that moment of time. This is a process variable and can be displayed if so desired.

Usually a second counter is used and is incremented at the completion of a product resulting in the product or actual count at that moment of time. This is also a process variable and can also be displayed if so desired.

With the pace count and product count, other process variables   can be automatically calculated and displayed such as   differential count, efficiency, and percent of goal. Like all   FIXOSIGN products, you get a quality display in a rugged   industrial enclosure, accompanied by expert technical support.   With your choice of display colour (standard red, optional   green, yellow) and digit sizes ranging from 4" to 12".


   FIXOSIGN Industries takt time efficiency displays
   have the flexibility you require to serve your
   demanding industrial   production display
   applications and wherever the Kaizen or lean    manufacturing philosophy is implemented.
   Use the table below  to see some
of the key features.
FIXOSIGN takt time efficiency displays offer.


Client : TAKT Board supplied to M/s Harita Seating Systems


             Rules for the usage of the TAKT LED board

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