specializes in digital displays and large electronic display systems that provide instant visual feedback of key production parameters. Our Industrial scoreboard family of displays allows the user to measure production and efficiency at a glance. These production scoreboards display real-time information that can interface with your manufacturing system to integrate and display "must know" company information. Our Customers for the Scoreboards include Hyundai Motor Company, Amex Bank etc.,
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  • Improves Productivity
  • Maintains Throughput
  • Reduces Downtime
  • Induces Team spirit and Motivation
  • Accurately measures production status
  • High Visibility
  • Increases Profitability
  • Highlights Shortages
  • Since these boards are custom-built to the exact requirement
    of the clients, we are giving here some of the proposals
    that we made to our esteemed clients.

    Client - IBM

  • Over all board size will be : 48" high  x  96" wide.
  • The board will be 4 inches thick.
  • The unit will be mounted on a wall.
  • The front covering will be with RED perspex sheet for
          the number display.

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  • The Front covering will be with Clear perspex
         sheet. Since yellow / amber is indicated.
  • Composition of letters other than LED's will be
          in Vinyl stickers.
  • Outer Box will be in Laminated Ply.
  • Box colour = Black.
  • Letterings = Yellow + White.



    Client RR automations


    The board has the following features:
  • The display is made from 1" high FND LED's.
  • Date and Time will be displayed through RTC -
         Edit function for time and date available.
  • Input for "Curr" columns under "Product 1" & "Product 2"      through keypads.
  • The three keypads are for input/increment of One number
          per Press of key / switch.
  • The three keypads/switches are placed at a distance not      exceeding 20 feet from the main display.
  • The board works off 230V AC power.
  • The second board will Echo/Duplicate the entries made
          in the  first board.

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