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  • Display size 24" High  x 42" Wide.
  • Outer box in Laminated Ply in Black colour.
  • Front panel with Red Acrylic.
  • LED's are 4" high :
              Numerals in  Seven segment formation with 5mm round           discrete LED's diffused Hi-Bright.
  • The numeric data display windows numbering 3 will be in
         the "xxx" format for the 3 windows and "xx" format for the
         last window.
  • The alpha numeric display for the Moving Message
         Display will have  the following features:

  • English language display only.
  • Alphabets can be displayed in fat, thick, thin style.
  • 5mm LED : Red round diffused with uniform glow.
  • Clock Display with or without seconds.
  • Programmable Graphics.
    • The size of display will be 2.3 X 33.5 with matrix - 7 X 96      and can display 12 - 19 characters which can be seen at a
           time  depending on the  size of font chosen.
    • Internal memory upto 2300 characters. 
    • 9 speeds.
    • Different - 32 eye-catching effects.
    • Data store in memory in case of power failure.
    • Working on 230 volt  A.C, 50 Hz.
    • Aluminium black powder coated frame.
    • Variable width of alphabets.
    • The Display unit will be a standalone unit with seperate
            keypad for changing the four parameters.
    • Editing the text message in the moving message display.
           The front panel text will confirm to your lettering style and
           it is  made from computer cut vinyls.
    • Power input needed is 230V AC.
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