FIXOVISION manufactures a range of Scoreboards for a variety of Sports Events. The displays are tailor made to the requirement of the Customer. The LED displays are set to operate either from a P.C or from Keyboard.

We also provide wireless connectivity through I.R or LAN.



The top portion will be a scrolling display

The physical size of the same will be approx: 11”X133.9” 

LED matrix will be 16X196    

Approx chara per full screen will be 24-39 depending on the font size chosen

LED will be in 5mm high bright and diffused

Viewing angle will be 30 degrees on all sides

Operating temperature will range from 5 degrees to 55 degrees

Estimated lifetime of LED's 100000 hours

Outercasing will be in MS and is painted 2 coats of primer and 1 coat of enamel inblack colour

Front cover for the board will be in unbreakable perspex sheet

Communication with the board will be in two fold manner:

The Moving Message display:

The top moving message board will be P.C controllable.

It will have a P.C interface

RS232 to RS485 converter will be attached at the PC end for extended range

English, Hindi, Tamil language display. (Trilingual) for 2 line display only. 

Message can be split into two lines for 2 line displays

Alphabets can be displayed in fat,thick,thin style

5mm LED : Red round diffused with uniform glow

Clock Display with or without seconds

9 speeds

Different - 32 eye-catching effects

Data store in memory in case of power failure.

Working on 230 volt  A.C , 50 Hz 

Variable width of alphabets    

The score display:

The digits will be of size 18" approx

The numbers will be displayed in "XX" fashion

5mm LED : Red round diffused with uniform glow are used

Control will be from a keypad which will be alongside the scorer

The scorer will press the "UP" key to increment the score by one number

The scorer will press the "DOWN" key to decrement the score by one number

The Master reset button at the bottm will reset the scores in either window and reset the same to 00

Wiring will be through 3 core shielded cable between the PC and the 2 displays for the Moving msg. displays

Wiring will be through 3 core shielded cable between the Keypad and the number / score displays  

AMC will be normally available for a 6 month period only

Regulated power supply is to be maintained by the client

AMC charges will be on a 6 monthly basis ranging from 8-12% payable in advance

AMC willnot cover sheet metal components or the SMPS or transformers

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