Isn't it time you replaced your plastic letter signs and handwritten white boards with the new innovation in LED displays?

Introducing the innovative new FS Series LED electronic display. We've designed this series for versatility. You can service a mounted sign or the display can be taken down.
All this can be done by one individual-quickly and conveniently.
The FS (front serviceable) design provides customers with an easy-to-use and easy-to-service visual communication tool.

Electronic programmable displays afford you with a versatile tool
to communicate, direct, educate, inform or motivate your specific audience. The contemporary design blends with any decor.

For today's theatre owner, FIXOVISION Electronic LED displays
and Simply Theatre Signs software provide an overall theatre communication solution.

FIXOVISION’s superior LED products are available in monochromatic LEDs, with a contemporary design to blend into any interior. Display movies, showings and ratings. or direct
moviegoers and promote special events.

The SPECS FOR THE board:

  • The display can be 2.3" or 5.5" high character
  • Outer casing weather proof - optional
  • 5mm round discrete LED's are used
  • Number of display lines can be increased or decreased
  • Front End Windows Software is given to enter the data
  • The board can indicate the Movie running, time of next
         show,  Theatre name, Number of tickets remaining etc.,
  • The moving message can display promotional messages


    Now, you can let the moviegoer know the number of tickets available in each of your movie halls. This enables you to divert public from halls running full to other halls where tickets are

                      FULLER HALLS = MORE PROFITS


    Moviegoers hate to miss the start the start of show immediately after Intermission.

    FIX-O-VISION I.M - Intermission countdown timer clearly displays the number of minutes remaining to start of show.

    Multiple displays can be placed at vantage points. The controls will be with the projector operators. He sets the time in the Master unit and the Slaves at the various places keep displaying the count-down.

    A beep is sounded with one minute to spare.


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